We starting a nev product line - "On DIN rail" !

A DIN rail is widely used standard for mounting industrial control equipment inside equipment racks and electrical cabinets. Today, various signals and equipment are switched in a modern electrical cabinet. Of course, it also has its place for optical cables
The products in this serie allow You to successfully integrate optical cable systems and combine them with other industrial or “smart home” systems

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Now You can order free samples online !

Now You can order most of our product samples online by filling out the form below the product description !

Warning ! Free sample delivery only works within the European Union !

Splicing cassette FOS-38 launched !

Indoor splicing cassette FOS-38 provided for various uses and can be mounted on standard electrical cell boxes or directly on wall.

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All base models of serie PS-014 have gone into production !

Today We tested the latest version of the serie PS-014 and We are glad to offer all of the those products ! Please read more about compact universal enclosures here 



We are starting the production of the new series of compact enclosures !

Today We tested the new production equipment of PS-014 series enclosures. We are already ready to produce low-profile enclosures (excluding PS-14L6 and PS-14L7), but high profile enclosures comes ready next week ! 

Here is a short list of products that are currently in development and will be released next year ! 

Serie PS-014 will be released at the beginning of the year   Also, two fiber optic outdoor enclosures FOS-43 and FOS-44 will be released simultaneously

New splicing cassette FOS-38 will be available is second quarter

Riser cable distribution box FOS-27 and power distribution enclosure PS-19 are expected in third quarter of 2023

 You can read this list for now  and wait for more information 🙂

 We released Our new product catalogue in PDF. There included all actual products for 2022th and information about new products planned in 2023 !

Download it here ! 


FOS-55 : New medium size universal enclosure for indoor / outdoor use

Now We offer new medium size universal enclosure for various applications ! Based on previous model, FOS-54, but with the enlarged cover, it is now possible to install full-size electrical elements, like electrical switches or fuses.

Please note, this product is highly customizable to meet Your requirements ! Contact us for more information ! 

FOS-24 : perfect indoor enclocure for fiber optic management !

Thanks to Our new rubberized splice holders We created a compact splicing cassette for indoor use. 

Not enough space ? FOS-24 is Your perfect solution ! With dimensions only 110*63*19 mm it fits everywhere ! Here you can create up to eight fiber connections using fusion splices or one – using mechanical splice.

Usually We offer this product with transparent cover. Your logo can be molded on top ! 

FOS-22 - mechanical splices or fusion splices ?

 We upgraded Our splicing enclosure FOS-18 and got an improved enclosure, provided for mechanical splices or fusion splices as well. 

There rubberized splice holder added, so You can install here both mechanical or up to four fusion splices

Our splicing cassette FOS-41 is upgraded to new version FOS-41NG!

Now it contains two soft, rubberized splice holder for gently fixings. And this cassette is still the key product of many other products ! 



We started production of soft, rubberized splice holders.

Now they are available in “end user” package with double-sided adhesive tape. We will use this product extensively in other products in the future


FOS-13 / FOS-19 warehouse sale !

Limited sales action – FOS-13 / FOS-19

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Technical data 

Installation manual

Information about Our product`s customizing !

It is possible to customize most of Our products. You can order them in specific color or embedded logo. Additional information here !


FOS-17 launched in May, 2021th !

Fiber optic socket FOS-17 is here ! Now Our company extends product range with new wall-mounted FO socket, provided for one or two SC or LC adapters. This socket can be mounted on standard electrical ceiling boxes. Various color options available. The top cover available in two versions – with recess for adhesive label or molded customer`s logo on top !

More information about FOS-17 You can find here !


FOS-17 is coming !

We are pleased to announce that in the next two weeks we will start producing the new fiber-optic sockets FOS-17 ! The latest parts of molding die are currently being produced.


FOS-34 launched in January, 2021

Enclosure FOS-34 like FOS-49 designed for FTTH solutions in apartment buildings, using “drop-off” cable.

This enclosure is smallest, than FOS-49 and provided for up to 4 outgoing fiber patch cords.

There is fixings for four splices and small cable loop inside.

New products, planned in 2021th

We announce Our plans for 2021th. There is six new products planned to launch in this year !

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UW-protected enclosure FOS-54

Universal enclosure FOS-54 now is made from UW-protected ABS for basic price. For orders of 300 pcs and more, various color options available 


FOS-54 - Customize at Your needs !

A lot of additional options now available for Our medium-size enclosure FOS-54

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List of all options available