FOS-56 - Universal indoor enclosure

FOS-56 is universal multi-purpose indoor fiber optic enclosure for FTTH applications. It can be used for local FO distribution, cable splicing or FO splitter installing. There is possible to set up to four DuplexSC adapters and one SC adapter. 

This enclosure provided for one FOS-41-NG splicing casette


FOS-56 intended for installing one FOS-41NG splicing cassette inside, so up to 16 splices can be made here.

Enclosure FOS-56 provide a fixings for fiber optic splitter too.

This product can be used as high capacity wall-mounted socket for one SC adapter and up to four Duplex-SC adapters

  • Material : ABS plastic
  • Dimensions : 195.0*130.0*37.0 mm
  • Weight (without cassette FOS-41-NG) : about 210 gr 

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