High quality products for communication, fiber networks and data centers


Fast delivery from Europe

We offer customized solutions for Your data networks, data centers, professional audio-video systems and industrial electronic

High quality Fiber Optic accessories

We produce plastic enclosures for various FTTH solutions. You will get a full range of passive fiber network components for building Your high – speed network

Data Racks, Enclosures and Accessories

We produce customizable solutions for various data centers, cable managements and various electronic devices. You will get a fast response, adaptive solutions and high quality sheet metal products. We are nearby!

Very High Quality Production Services from Europe

We offer designing and producing various products for electronic and data networks

  • Design & producing sheet steel products
  • Powder coating
  • Design of plastic products & molding forms
  • Producing of molding forms
  • Plastic molding

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We are experts in Hi-tech market since 1997th. We had great experience in producing of various enclosures and passive components for electronic devices, enclosures, cable management and fiber optic networking. We are here for help to realise Your Hi-tech ideas!