FOS-49 - The best solution for apartment buildings

FOS-49 is optical cable distribution box provided for rising cable. Up to eight outgoing connections possible in this distribution box. There can be used drop tubes or  preterminated patch cords. Splicing cassette and splice holders integrated in this enclosure. Input and output cables are fixated with cable strips. This box surely closed with hinged plastic cover. Optional adapter holder available.

Our company produces two products for vertical drop cable.

FOS-34 is a smallest solution,provided for four outgoing  cables.

FOS-49 is largest enclosure, provided for up to eight outgoing cables. 

Also, a new solution for riser cable FOS-27 is coming in third quarter 2023th 

Read more about the products, that will be released next year !

Material : High quality ABS plastic

  • Dimensions : 182.0*107.0*35.0 mm
  • Weight : about 145 gr



Similar to our other products, We also offer to embed Your company logo on the top cover of FOS-49. It is possible to embed one or two labels 55.0*26.0 mm

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