FOS-38 - Splicing cassette, which fit into interior

Splicing cassette FOS-38 intended to be used for various indoor purposes, using above plaster fiber cables or under plaster cables. 

Can be installed on electrical ceiling boxes or directly on wall.

This cassette includes new splicing holder FOS-20 and provided for 12 junctions

This product is logical continuity of our FTTH product line, which is specially designed for single wall electrical box for better inhouse fiber network integration using existing electricity installation tubes under the plaster. As first in this product line was fiber optic wall socket FOS-17, now the next in line is FOS-38 which we will further use as base for upcoming products in this line. This cassette occupies two ceiling boxes and equipped with detachable cover. 
Cassette FOS-38 is dedicated for 12 optical strands to make connection for up to 6 surface cables with diameter not more than 8mm and 1 under plaster cable with diameter up to 6mm. 

This cassette occupies two ceiling boxes and equipped with detachable cover. The cassette consists of soft rubberized splice holder FOS-20 and lid where there is an option to embed customer logos. Also, customers have an option to order cassettes in different colors, fit to interior design.

Lid also could be transparent or tinted transparent

Basic color schemes available from stock :

  • white base / white lid
  • white base / transparent lid
  • light gray base / red tinted transparent lid
  • black base /  red tinted transparent lid

Need more connection? Simply stack more !

Thanks to a special design, the cassettes can be simply connected on top of each other. The openings in the base allow the optical fibers to be routed to the next cassette.

Additional cassettes can be ordered separately.

But that’s not all !

In the close future, we have sheduled to release other modules that will significantly expand the use of this cassette !

Using DIN rail mountable “cable box” FOS-31 as basement, You can easy fix those cassettes in any electrical cabinet. In this way, fiber optic network will be integrated in to various industrial cabinets or “smart home”  systems.

if You need to make a detachable connection, just attach on the top off  cassette wall socket FOS-25 and You can install up to four DuplexSC adapters here ! 

But these are not all possibilities !

If You turn “cable box” FOS-31 vertically and pass trough it riser cable You got complete solution for apartment buildings ! 

Do not forget that You can still attach a wall socket FOS-25 on top !


Splicing cassette FOS-38 made from Hi-grade PC

  • Dimensions (with cover) : 170.0*85.0*20.0 mm
  • Additional cassette : height 12.0 mm
  • Weight with cover : about 75 g



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