FOS-17 - socket for one / two SC or LC adapters

Fiber optic wall socket FOS-17 provided for one or two SC or LC adapters It can be mounted on standard electrical ceiling boxes or directly on wall, using various types of fiber cables. There are various types of cable fixings.

Up to four splices can be fixed here.

Fiber optic socket FOS-17 can be installed on standard electrical ceiling boxes. This makes installation easier and avoids visible fiber cables. 

In the near future, this concept will be developed and We will offer several more products that will be mounted on ceiling boxes. As next, splicing cassette FOS-38 will be launched in first quarter 2023th



This socket can be produced in various colors, to adapt to the  customer`s interior

There is a special place on top cover for molded client`s logo. Also, this space can be used for adhesive film with printed socket`s numbering

Read more about Our product`s customizing

  • Material : High-grade polycarbonate (PC)
  • Dimensions : 85.0*85.0*22.0 mm
  • Weight : about 50 gr



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