In 2022th Our splicing cassette FOS-41 was updated and two soft, rubberized splice holders FOS-10 added.  

This new model FOS-41NG fully repleaces previous model and serve as key component for many other fiber optic products, like FOS-42, FOS-56, FOS-28 and new FOS-43 & FOS-44, anounced for early 2023th

One cassette provided for 16 splices.

Thanks to two soft  splice holders FOS-10new cassette gently fixes up to 16 splices

  • Material : hig-grade PC plastic
  • Dimensions : only 130*80*14.5 mm
  • Weight : about 38 gr

 When stacking, each cassette occupies only 10 mm of height


Previous model of splicing cassette - FOS-41

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