FOS-10 - Splice holder for 8 splices

Splice holder FOS-10 is developed for delicate fixing up to 8 splices with diameter of splices not exceed 2.4 mm

Holders are available in set of 10 pcs, including double sided adhesive tape for each.

FOS-10 is base component for various other fiber optic products e.g. splicing cassettes FOS-41NG, FOS-22, FOS-24

In near future will be released another type of splice holder, provided for 12 splices too – FOS-20

Splice holders FOS-10 available in various packages or included in contents of other fiber – optic products.

  • Material : EVO (rubberized plastic)
  • Dimensions : 25.0*24.8*8.5 mm
  • Weight : about 6 g