FOS-54 - customizable medium-size enclosure

 FOS-54 is highly customizable enclosure, provided for various solutions, like fiber-optic networking, low-current applications, video surveillance, fire & security alarm, industrial automatic and many others systems.

With optional rubber O-ring, this enclosure reaches IP54 protection class and can be uset indor or outdoor as well. 

This box surely closed with hinged plastic cover and supplied with camlock.


If FOS-54 used as fiber optic distribution box, We can place an adaptors swichboard inside or pre-cutted backplate for various fiber-optic adapters 


FOS-54 can be adapted for storage of various active network elements, lika switches, HUBs or media converters.

As option, You can order a bracket for one or two SHUKO power sockets, that allows powering various low-pover devices.

Thanks to customizable base plate and backplate, FOS-54 is very customizable enclosure and We can offer a lot of internal accessories to meet Your requirements. 


  Excellent solution for indor & outdoor protecting power supply, media converters or communication modules. As options, You can order customized backplate or mounting plate with DIN rails.

  • Material : ABS 
  • Dimensions : 283.0*229.0*65.0 mm
  • Weight : from 480 gr and more



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