FOS-16 - Distribution enclosure for vertical riser cable

Fiber optic distribution box FOS-16 devised for GPON technology optical fiber separating and provides access to each  ubscriber. It is cost effective solution especially for apartment houses. For fiber-optic connection and extension we are proposing splicing protection box FOS-18, which is devised for 1-2 fiber-optic connections placed into 5 mm plastic tubes. Combining both products you can make quick and price-performance FTTH solution – at least one optical fiber for each subscriber.

FOS-16 provided for distributing up to four fibers from vertical riser cable

Fiber optic distribution box FOS-16 can be mounted directly on drop cable and fixed with plastic strips. 

Troughgoing riser cable – up to 11 mm

Up to four 5 mm outgoing tubes (optionaly – 8) can be fixed with cagewashers

It is also possible to fix it on the wall with two screws 

Installation of FOS-16 is simply, but You should have a special tools.

  • Material : High-grade PC (polycarbonate)
  • Dimensions : 130.0*60.0*39.0 mm
  • Weight : about 6 g

 Set including :

  • Two-part breakout box with cagewashers
  • Four plastic strips 203×2.5 mm