FOS-53 - Medium size enclosure with window

Enclosure FOS-53 based on previuous model, FOS-55 and provided for installing electric counters or other measuring devices on DIN-rail.

On top cover placed transparent or tinted window 179*50 mm. It gives the possibility to install up to 10 devices on a DIN rail (17.5 mm each)

Optional second DIN-rail can be installed below.


Intended for electronic measuring devices

 Transparent to radio waves


Thanks to the plastic case, it is possible to install various “smart home” devices that require radio wave access in this enclosure, like WiFi, Bluetooth or mobile data access.

Customizable base plate

Base plate can be produced according to Your needs.

Usually there is one DIN rail installed, but the second DIN rail can be added or special fittings to Your devices can be included

Inputs and outputs

Two cable inlets PG9 and two PG11are placed on the top of the enclosure.

Pre-cutted buttom plate can be ordered according to Your requirements. Effective area are 165*23 mm

It is possible to place here cable inlets (up to PG9), RJ45 or various fiber optic adapters

Technical data

Enclosure FOS-53 produced from Hi-grade ABS plastic.

Additional UW stabiliser can be added to raw material

  • Dimensions : 283.0*229.0*103.0 mm
  • Weight : from 680 gr
  • With optional rubber O-ring, this enclosure reaches IP54 protection class