FOS-13 - wall socket for one SC adapter

FOS-13 is wall-mounted outlet for optical cable supply to end-user device. FOS-13 provided for one SC or LC adapter.

There are fixings for up to two fusion splices holder and two mechanical splice inside

Fiber-optic wall sockets FOS-13 supports both connection  methods – using mechanical connector or heat-shrink protector. 

There are fixings for up to two mechanical connectors or two fusion splices. Incoming cable is fastened with two plastic cable ties. Inside of the termination box you can also find cable reel with fixings for fiber and pigtail as well. 

You can fix box to the wall by using two 4mm screws.

For Duplex-SC adapter We offer a imilar product – FOS-19

  • Material : hig-grade ABS plastic
  • Dimensions : 92.5*75.5*25 mm
  • Weight : about 60 gr

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